New Location Coming in May! 

We are excited to be moving to our new location at 338 Webster Street, Batavia, IL 

*Classes will start in new location on 5/24/2021

Located next to Soccer Speed


Our certified and experienced training staff, led by Chris Browning, zealously but safely lead athletes through proper progressions in strength, speed, and conditioning, preparing both individuals and teams for superior level of achievement.

ProForce Sports Performance Training is the premier athletic training facility in the Chicagoland area, continuing a 12 year tradition of providing proven results to athletes seeking their maximum physical potential.

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Prepare yourself with 3D TRAINING by ProForce Sports Performance. The trainers at ProForce vary the training focus on a day to day basis in order to prepare the body for daily tasks, unexpected events, and improved performance. Unlike trendy new fads, 3D TRAINING uses various training methods the correct way by adhering to the guiding principles of each method rather than abusing them. The focus of 3D TRAINING is the individual, within a group setting, and is engineered to achieve personal goals while forging mental toughness.


ProForce Performance Training is designed to maximize all aspects of training as it combines traditional and unconventional methods to enhance athletes overall performance during competition.  These workouts are programmed to produce a more powerful and explosive athlete while reducing the risk of injury through mastery of proper technique. By addressing individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs, the program is able to progress athletes as their bodies become more balanced and prepared for more demanding workouts.


Proforce has helped numerous companies in their Wellness Programs and continue to help the community as well. Proforce has teamed up with local fire departments to improve the overall health and wellness of firefighting personnel at this time and well into retirement.

Please email us if you are interested in these programs, we’d love to help!


Mon: 5am - 7pm
Tue: 9am - 8pm
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Fri: 5am - 12pm
Sat: 8am - 9am
Sun: Closed

I was looking for a training facility that offered me more classes/hours with my hectic work schedule and a friend suggested ProForce. After working out there a few weeks, I realized this was no average training facillity, this class was much more. I came to Proforce with nagging lower back pain and poor posture. Chris Browning put together a rehab program for me that strengthened my core, increased my flexibility, and improved my posture; always stressing the importance of using proper form in every movement I performed. My results and experience have been extrememly positive, my back pain is gone, and I haven’t felt this good in 10 years! Thank you Chris!

Bill D


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501 W. Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia, IL 60510 COMING SOON - NEW LOCATION 

338 Webster Street, Batavia, IL 60510

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