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Chandler Harnish – Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts

Hi my name is Chandler Harnish and I am a Quarterback with the Indianapolis Colts. Going into my second season, I expect big things and am excited to continue improving in all aspects of the game. One thing I can really tell going into my second year is the changes I have seen in my body. Since working with Pro Force this past offseason, my body fat is down, my lean muscle is up, flexibility is a night and day difference, and I am more mobile and in better shape than I have ever been. Without Chris, Shane and the rest of the staff, I wouldn’t be half the player I am today. I plan to continue to work with Pro Force throughout the season whenever I can and can’t wait to see what my final results are when we really hit the field for training camp and the pre season in August…Train Insane or Remain the Same!

David Dejesus. 9 year MLB veteran with Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals. Currently #7 CF for the Tampa Tampa Rays.

Thanks Proforce and Staff (Innovative Sports Medicine) for this offseason it was a blessing. Truly I’ve never been more prepared for a season like I am now. Proforce and Innovative Sports Medicine have helped me with injury prevention, sports specific [training], and explosive [training]. If you are an athlete getting ready for your season Proforce is the place. Get out here and Train Insane.

Patrick Brown – Carolina Panthers

I began working out at Pro Force a few weeks before I needed to report back to Minnesota for pre season camp. I had been training at my alma mater in Orlando during the majority of the lockout. I needed to continue to work on my agility, strength and conditioning so that I could show up to camp in top physical shape. Chris Browning and Pro Force took into account all my strengths and weakness to create a program to optimize my abilities as a professional athlete. Chris was able to take my needs into account and create a perfect program, and now I am entering into camp with the confidence that Chris and his team gave me the best possible results.

Nigel Marples – Denmark (First Division)

I worked with the Proforce team a lot this past off-season. I’m a professional soccer player and it is very important to work on building strength, speed and explosiveness in the off-season. The in-season schedule does not provide much opportunity to focus on improving in these areas. Throughout college and the five years I have played professionally I have worked with many physical trainers. Chris and his team are as knowledgeable as, and more enjoyable to work with than, any other physical trainer I have worked out with. The Proforce trainers are always energetic, enthusiastic and most of all passionate about developing the athletes they work with. Their workouts are exciting as they are always changing and challenging you in new ways. I made tangible advancements in my strength and explosiveness as a result of my time with Proforce. And I can now see these advancements manifested in my play. But more than the physical benefits of the workouts, for me, the most important gains were mental. Their workouts and encouragement force you to give nothing less than your best at each session. So they help you train commitment and, consequently, develop the habit of giving your best effort every time. Developing this habit really helped me this summer as I went to Europe with the hope of joining a team. Recently I was offered a contract from a club in the first division in Denmark. Thank you for your effort and energy Proforce!

Daniel Brewer – NY Yankees

Daniel Brewer, Trenton (136 games): Brewer, who turned 23 midway through the season, flashed an intriguing mix of power and speed for Trenton. His 84 RBIs and 34 doubles ranked second in the system while his 29 stolen bases were fifth-most…READ MORE

Jackie Santacaterina – Full Ride Soccer Scholarship U of I, Chicago Red Stars

When you train at ProForce, you don’t just leave feeling exhausted from head to toe. ProForce will push you beyond your own boundaries and draw out that last sprint or rep you didn’t think you had. Every time you finish, you leave confident, motivated and wanting more!

Mike Garrity – Iowa Barnstormers

After completing my senior season at Eastern Illinois, I knew my football career couldn’t be over. With an opportunity to train for NFL combines and pro-days in March, I knew I had to have the best facility, staff and atmosphere I could find. ProForce took me in when I needed just that. Chris has taken me to levels I did not know I could reach! Shane has worked on my mobility and flexibility and it has helped me in everything that I do! The gains I have had the past 2 months while training insane have been sky high. I feel like there is no limit to what the staff at ProForce can do for me. My SPEED, MOBILITY, AGILITY, and STRENGTH are the best they have ever been! Training has become a way of life and ProForce is my family. Others try PROFORCE DOES!

Pat Schiller – Atlanta Falcons

After an extensive 8 week training regimen, I can truly say that I have never felt more ready to show off my skills at my NFL pro day. Chris Browning and the ProForce staff have vigorously and efficiently created a protocol that allowed me to perform at the highest ability possible. ProForce truly has what it takes to take athletes and prepare them both mentally and physically for the next level. I’m excited to continue training at ProForce well into my NFL career.

Alex Bayer

Congrats to Alex for signing with the Rams! Dedication and sacrifice go a long way. Another MAC athlete putting in work to reach dreams!” #NFLBOUND

Mason Cole

Four-star offensive lineman Mason Cole of Tarpon Springs, Fla. East Lake (Originally from Batavia, IL) commits to Michigan. Mason is going in at 6-5, 275 after putting in work in the off season both in Florida and ProForce. We look forward to seeing you back in the gym soon…own the season!

Jack Breashear

Congrats to ProForce veteran Jack Breshears of Batavia on accepting a full ride scholarship to D1 Florida Atlantic University! The Owls football program has a lot to look forward to next year!

Grace Loberg

Geneva sophomore Grace Loberg will be University of Wisconsin bound in 2017! She supports her awesome talent with solid workouts and dedicates herself to progressing even further over the next 3 years.

Daniel Santacaterina

All State QB Daniel Santacaterina chooses NIU! He has worked extemerely hard over the years both on and off the field in order to earn a full ride scholarship to a proven MAC school.

Kyla Walton

West Aurora’s “Jack-of-all Trades” chooses to continue her track career at Central Michigan University. Her work ethic and character will continue to impress coaches and new teammates at the next level!

Dom Adduci

Dom Adduci utilized training to EARN a scholarship to Drake University!