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I’ve been training with Chris for two years now, and I can say with all sincerity that he is one the few people that know how to facilitate supreme mental toughness as well as major physical progression. The best thing about Chris’ training regime is the fact that he doesn’t focus only on weightlifting, or conditioning, or technique; instead, he balances all three of these and creates workouts designed to progress an athlete in all facets of their sport. I owe the vast majority of my football success to Chris and Proforce Training. TRAIN TRAIN INSANE!

David Bollweg, Offensive Lineman, Yale University

Chris Browning and Proforce Training have helped me really evolve as a great athlete and baseball player… I have gotten bigger, stronger, and faster… The training staff at ProForce put their heart and soul into every workout making you the best athlete possible… I want to thank Proforce and Chris for all they have done and look forward to continue my training with them.

Dan Brewer, New York Yankees

As a track and field athlete, Chris has helped me impove my speed and upper and lower body strength for throwing. Also, as a soccer player he has helped me improve my agility and footwork and overall strength to keep me from not getting pushed off the ball. He helps me stay motivated and want to improve to become a better athlete. Chris pushes me to not give up and keep working hard.

Caitlin Eucker, Soccer, Track and Field at Northern Illinois University

I am lucky enough to know Brian as a teammate and a coach. Brian as a teammate was a senior leader. He treated all the guys on the team the same no matter your role starter or walk on freshman just trying to make a spot on the team to travel. He was always willing to help out his teammates with things he saw that would help. This trait made him a great coach as well. He was always observing to try to find ways someone could take there game to another level. He was always willing to do extra I don’t know how many times I asked him to flip balls in the cage to me or hit me extra fly balls. I could not have been where I was today without his help. Brian is one of my favorite teammates and coaches mostly because of the kind of person he is. Always looking for ways to help and willing to go beyond to not only help himself but help others too.

Tony Campana

I have worked with many elite trainers over the last few years. Chris Browning is definitely one of the best. Everyday, Chris would motivate me and he helped me to take my game to the next level, not only in speed and agility, but also power and explosion. All of his drills were meant to work on something and not just an exercise to take up time. The main reason I go back to work with Chris is simple; after my workouts I have seen the results on and off the field, both in lifting for football and on the field making plays.

C. J. Robertson – Nequa Valley High School Graduate, Defensive MVP, All-City, All-Area, and All-State.
Full-Ride Athletic Scholarship to Southern Illinois University

I would like to thank Proforce for making me a better athlete. I joined proforce about 2 years ago and have worked my hardest to obtain my goals of being in better physical condition than I currently was and to make the travel lacrosse team for River City. I obtained both of these goals and am now a better lacrosse player than I have ever been. At proforce, I learned how important it is to always try your hardest. I go into every practice and game with the confidence that I am faster, stronger, and smarter. While at proforce, I went through many long, rigorous workouts that would make me a better athlete. I continue to play on the lacrosse travel team thanks to your hard work and dedication to me. I appreciate all the time all of the trainers have spent to make me better. Proforce has had a major impact on my life over the years and I am grateful for everyone who made it possible.

Mitchell Lockhart