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Frequently Asked Questions

ProForce Training questions and answers to show how we get proven results.

If you have any concerns please check out our frequently asked questions below or give us a call during normal operational hours at (630) 406-9700.

How does your pricing work at ProForce?

After your FREE WEEK trial of training, we offer options to maximize your results while training at PF.  We know that your schedules are busy so we offer 5 hours of adults training per day (M,W,F) and a weekend option. We offer unlimited session programs to fit into your busy schedule, with a monthly package.

Why should I come to ProForce?

We are an ELITE training facility in the Chicagoland area. We specialize in training all levels& ages that are looking to perform better, get stronger, and overall improve their health and performance.

We use FUNCTIONAL TRAINING that is personalized for your needs and is #1 function in preventing injury.

We are the ONLY facility in the area that takes the time to program a different workout every time to PROGRESS you and help you grow and MEET YOUR GOALS and show you RESULTS.

How do I schedule classes?

After your FREE WEEK of Adult Training ,we offer our classes multiple times a week so you can attend unlimited sessions for the month. CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE.If in the case you can’t attend a class, there is no penalty or rescheduling, you can just come to the next class. You don’t have to come to the same training time every day or week. You may come at whatever time works best for your schedule that day.

What if I want 1 on1 or small group training?

We offer several times during the week that you can schedule for 1 on 1 or small group training! You will receive the same ELITE training but on a faster progression and therefore faster RESULTS. Email us for availability.

Do you have a registration fee?

Adults: Yes, the fee is $30 per adult. If you want to combine your 1 on 1 with your spouse/friend we can give you 50% off and charge you $30 total for both.  If you purchase the 1 YEAR annual membership we can waive the $30

What is your Adult Fitness Class?

Life is not predetermined, life happens in 3D, so prepare yourself with 3D TRAINING by ProForce Sports Performance. The trainers at ProForce vary the training focus on a day to day basis in order to prepare the body for daily tasks, unexpected events, and improved performance. Unlike trendy new FADS 3D TRAINING uses various training methods the correct way by adhering to the guiding principles of each method rather than abusing them. The focus of 3D TRAINING is the individual, within a supportive group setting, and is engineered to achieve personal goals while forging mental toughness.

  • Sustained Energy
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Performance
  • Mental Toughness
  • Reduced Stress Level
  • Weight Loss
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Injury Reductions
  • HIIT
  • Strength Training
  • Core Stability

What is your Individualized and Small Group Sports Training?

Geared for athletes in all sports, all levels.

Strength and Speed are the primary elements of an elite athlete. The ProForce program is based on excellent coaching from our certified strength and conditioning specialists. The number one emphasis for all athletes at ProForce is injury prevention. Through time and experience we have found the most efficient athletes, ones who are able to provide explosive strength and speed for longer periods of time, to be those with fewer incidences of injury. The program supports the facts by progressing each athlete at their own pace through implementing speed and explosive movements while improving lifts and functional mobility and postural stability.Athletes will learn to maximize their workout intensity in order to prepare for the next level of training,

Athletes will train to enhance sports specific movements such as:

  • *First step quickness & acceleration
  • *Greater top end speed
  • *Proper lateral cutting and deceleration
  • *Strength
  • *Explosive Power

Speed and Explosive Exercises:

  • *Running form & Jumping Mechanics
  • *40-yard dash
  • *Resistance Training
  • *Plyometrics
  • *Tred Sled/ Force Treadmill
  • *Hip Hinge
  • *Proper squat technique
  • *Push
  • *Pull


How do I get more information for Corporate and Community Training?

Proforce has helped numerous companies in their Wellness Programs and continue to help the community as well. Proforce has teamed up with local fire departments to improve the overall health and wellness of firefighting personnel at this time and well into retirement. Please email us if you are interested in these programs, we’d love to help!