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As a sports psychologist, I know the importance of having great confidence as an athlete. Nothing breeds confidence more than knowing you are stronger and better equipped, physically and mentally, than your opponent. Chris and the other skilled trainers at ProForce combine expertise and passion to train athletes to compete at the highest level. ProForce athletes excel because they have been given a strong foundation and know that no one is better prepared. I can say this as both a mental coach and a very satisfied parent of two teen athletes.

Dr. Pete Temple – Mind’s Eye Sports Performance

Proforce Sports Performance Training truly understands the big picture in sports performance. Their programs are designed using biomechanically correct movements that not only produce elite performance, but also prevent injuries and keep the athlete healthy. In today’s world athletes need to constantly train to stay ahead of the competition. This requires innovative, well designed, and balanced programs that take into consideration current, past, and possible future injuries. Proforce is the best I have seen at doing this while still pushing your performance limits and making you a better athlete.

Dr. Eric Hestrup, Owner/Co-Founder – Innovative Sports Medicine, LLC

After being one of the last boys picked on the 2010 Tri City Heavyweight Football team, my son Quinn worked his way into being the starting nose guard. He was always going against bigger guys so he decided that he wanted to get better. After looking and talking to numerous facilities we chose Proforce. We considered a variety of different factors:

Knowledge of training- Being a practicing Chiropractor and currently running 3 rehabilitation centers, I felt that the Browning brothers and other trainers had a tremendous academic as well as practicing knowledge base. Atmosphere- We wanted to go to a place with high energy, intense training, with tons of positive communication. We didn’t want to be sold on a running on a high end treadmill. The people training at Proforce were having fun and working hard! That is what we wanted. Lastly, Proforce gives you a number of training and payment options to choose from. My son was put in a group of young men with similar size, strength and ability. The whole group was pushed and they pushed each other.

My son gained 15 pounds of muscle, was noticeably quicker and couldn’t wait to go to Proforce. He was very nervous as there were 54 boys trying out for freshman football.

The season just ended. Quinn led the team in sacks, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries and was fourth on the team in tackles from the Defensive end position where he started every game without injury. After the season the first thing my son said, “Dad, can I train at Proforce during the winter?” Well he will continue at Proforce, but he may have to wait as he just made the freshman basketball team after barely playing in 8th grade.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the outstanding training of Proforce. Some people say they can’t afford the training, how can you afford not to train. The workouts are fantastic, safe, competitive and fun. After watching his brother get bigger, faster and stronger my 12 year old is begging to go to Proforce.

I want to thank Chris, Drew, Jackie and everyone for all of their help, but most important because they have a tremendous passion to help young athletes prepare to succeed in sports and life!

Dr. Pasquale Calcagno – Olympic Chiropractic