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I’m excited to tell everyone who asks me where they should send their athletes to train, whether it’s a youth player or a professional about ProForce! As a quarterback for the University of Minnesota I was selected to the All-American Strength team in 1982. Through playing and coaching for over 40 years, I have witnessed many different philosophies for training athletes. Chris Browning and his talented instructors have put together a strategy to give any athlete a competitive edge over their competition. I have observed them instructing all levels with the same passion and at the same time tailoring each work-out to each athlete’s specific needs no matter what age. Their drills and techniques are current and innovative which keeps the athletes coming back excited about each session. Their attention to detail and continual discussion about the safe way to train is comforting to me as a father and a coach. Champions are being developed here and will be for a long time!

Mike Hohensee, Head Coach for Iowa Barnstormers

As a parent and coach for youth football, the Proforce Pads Camp is and opportunity not to miss out on. As football season begins, teams come together; they plan, they practice and they prepare for a successful season ahead. Proforce Pads Camp is a crucial part of that success. It’s another avenue to capitalize on and it will improve your son’s/players knowledge, athletic ability, and more importantly, SAFTY. Kids who attend Proforce Pads Camp have more of an advantage than kids that don’t. The Pads Camp taught and showed my son the correct football fundamentals that most parents and even coaches assume kids already know but, in actuality they don’t. There is a correct way to block, tackle, run, catch, and throw. My son learned the correct way of cutting and changing direction when running with the ball. He learned how to read and react and make those game winning decisions. He moves with increased speed which helps him make touchdowns. Not only is he learning these important techniques from skilled football trainers but, from current college players and former and current NFL players. There’s nothing like it in the area. My son proudly wears his Proforce Pads Camp shirt to school all the time, he loves the game and his favorite part of camp was of course the scrimmage. Thanks for a great camp, Proforce.

Bret Pedone, CYFL Coach & Father

As a coach of a Tri City Travel Football team, I firmly believe that every athlete on my team must have the necessary physical & mental skills they need to excel at what they do. That is why I dedicate 1 practice a week to my friends at ProForce. Their facilities are excellent as they blend a good mix of new technology with tried and true old school training techniques. But what truly separates ProForce from all the other options is their staff. The entire ProForce team has the knowledge and skill that I look for. Beyond this though, they offer my athletes even something more critical and what I believe is needed for a young athlete to succeed in any sport confidence in themselves! I’m amazed at how each trainer drives and motivates each individual athlete to reach their best. It truly is impressive! The benefits of having my team train together at PF are invaluable to me, as I see the difference it makes every year in my athletes. I highly recommend you give them a try Train Insane!

Coach Tom Bowman, 12 U Tri City Travel Head Coach

What an outstanding job your staff did with the Xplosion 12U girls program in the 2012-213 season. The core, strength, and conditioning training provided was a great test and push for these young athletes. They became more confident and secure in knowing they could Train Insane!! They are coming back for more rounds and the look forward to the new challenges that you and your staff put in front of them. Again GREAT JOB!!

Jason Lundberg, 12U Xplosion Head Coach

Proforce has been an instrumental part of developing strength and confidence for many players in the Metea Valley program. Their program has put our athletes in a great position to succeed on the basketball court. They have helped with the early success that our young program has had thus far. We feel very confident that our athletes will get the correct training and skills to be very successful in what we try to do as a program when they work with Proforce.

Bob Vozza, Metea Valley High School, Head Boys Basketball Coach

I send my athletes to ProForce because I know they are going to get the BEST from their staff. The trainers at ProForce care about my athletes both in the gym and away from the gym. They hold athletes to a higher standard and expect them to perform at that standard. It is a great atmosphere to be a part of and involved with.

Sarah Meadows, Geneva High School, Head Girls Basketball Coach

PROFORCE has been a great source of team development and Sports Training for Battlin’ Bulldog Baseball. I have known Chris and his family for the last 20 years and have been influenced by their incredible spirit. Their commitment to excellence is seen in everything they do. To be part of PROFORCE is to receive more than an intense physical instruction. It is about discipline, motivation, and character! All facets are necessary to compete at your highest level.

Matt Holm, Batavia Battin’ Bulldog Baseball/Football

Proforce has done a GREAT job with our athletes over the past 2 seasons. I love the way they push the kids with the intense training, but they do it in such a positive way. It’s amazing to watch! I’ve seen improvement from all the kids who put 110% effort into it. They care about each and every one of the kids in the program. I am truly impress with their staff and how they motivate kids to work hard. I would recommend Proforce to anybody looking to take their game to the next level. I am extremely proud to be associated with these guys. TI

Mike Bui, Fusion South Volleyball Director

I am so proud to be associated with ProForce! The Fighting Saints Football program is built on the philosophy of our players being the best conditioned team on the field, and ProForce helps make that happen. ProForce constantly challenges our players to be their best and not to just settle for going through their workouts, but to make each workout the best workout they’ve ever had. I would recommend ProForce to any athlete that wants to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Coach Fields, Head Football Coach, St. Charles East High School, “Home of the Fighting Saints”

ProForce has the most dedicated and knowledgeable group of trainers that i’ve ever had the distinction of working with. Chris and his staff are always creating workouts that fit the individual needs of athletes within their sport(s). As a Varsity coach of both tennis and basketball, each of my teams had totally different workouts designed to increase there performance during competition. Their enthusiasm is infectious! Every kid who enters ProForce will work hard and walk out of that facility with two things, a sweat and a smile! That sums up the ProForce TEAM. They have a vested interest in each of their athletes. As a coach and father that’s all I could ask for! TRAIN INSANE BABY!

Sean Masoncup – Head Varsity Girls Basketball/Head Varsity Tennis St Charles North, Boys Football Coach Haines Middle School

Proforce provides a positive environment for people to train and become better athletes! When my athletes use the Proforce Training Program, they become stronger, more powerful, and able to reach their full athletic abilities and ultimately play at a higher level. The staff is amazing! They help the players to focus on improving their strength and agility as well as encouraging them to become well-rounded athletes. Proforce motivates athletes to reach their greatest potential and demands them to always “Train Insane!”

Coach Kull, Varsity Volleyball, St. Charles East Fighting Saints, State Volleyball Champions, 2008

I have played lacrosse for over ten years and have coached for 5. In that time watching other athletes train for all sports I have never come accross a training program that was so complete and sport specific as ProForce. It incorporated core, weight, and endurance training plus nutrition, body recovery, and team concepts. The trainers were professional and were concerned with the athletes as individuals not as a pay check. My son and daughter both took the program and they have shown a tremendous change in strength, overall quickness, and endurance. I would recommend Chris Browning and his staff at ProForce for your workout needs… individual or team.

Coach Smith, Geneva Lacrosse